Food packaging

Specializing in PET resin and cutting-edge barrier technologies, we redefine food packaging excellence. PET, a versatile and sustainable material, is the gold standard in packaging. With exceptional clarity, durability, and recyclability, PET resin not only protects but showcases products brilliantly.

Our advanced barrier tech defends against O2 and CO2, extending shelf life and maintaining product integrity. Tailored for snacks or perishables, our solutions meet the unique demands of the food industry.

The EASYCLEAR 2330 ready-to-use resin, equipped with an oxygen-scavenging catalyst, is engineered to provide outstanding clarity, easier processing, and superior performance. This makes it the optimal selection for manufacturing clear PET containers. When combined with OxyClear® Additive 3500, it forms a protective shield, fortifying against external factors that that could compromise the quality and freshness of the contents.

  • Ready-to-use resin
  • Protective shield when combined with OxyClear Additive 3500
  • Excellent clarity for clear containers

EASYCLEAR Resin 2330 carries the PET-1 resin code and can be recycled in the clear PET stream.

OXYCLEAR® Barrier PET preserves the freshness, taste and appearance of oxygen-sensitive foods and beverages in attractive crystal-clear packaging. OxyClear® Barrier PET is an excellent oxygen barrier that can be used in containers and PET sheets for thermoformed trays, cups, and others.

It provides extended shelf life for oxygen sensitive foods and beverages, such as juice, wine, ketchup, tea, cheese, dried nuts, and similar.

  • Exceptional Oxygen Barrier
  • Excellent Clarity & appearance
  • Food grade

OXYCLEAR® Barrier PET is nylon-free and can be recycled in the PET stream.

POLYCLEAR® PET is ideal for producing attractive, crystal-clear, high-gloss food and beverage packaging. It combines outstanding performance with the ability to be recycled in the clear PET stream.

POLYCLEAR® EBM PET offers high melt strength and slow crystallization that can be processed on existing extrusion blow molding equipment when adapted for PET to produce containers with or without integrated handles.

POLYCLEAR® Preserve PET is a modified PET resin with a higher glass transition temperature that can provide a higher heat deflection temperature to containers compared to standard PET.

  • Excellent clarity & appearance
  • Food grade
  • Available as PET for extrusion blow molding

All POLYCLEAR® products carry the PET-1 resin code and can be recycled in the clear PET stream.

XPURETM offers antimony-free glass like clarity that helps you meet your specification needs as well as complying with stringent regulatory requirements.

  • Antimony free
  • Low melt where indicated
  • High viscosity
  • Crystal clear clarity

XPURE is APR and Plastic Recyclers Europe recognized for recycling in the regular PET recycling chain.