Kitchen Ware & Home Appliances

Our PET resins enhance the performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal of essential household items such as coffee machines, dishwasher-safe containers, refrigerator interiors, and water filters. They bring a practical shift to functionality and design for kitchenware and home appliances.

Crafted with precision and versatility, our PET resins set a standard in material excellence, ensuring that kitchen and home appliances meet expectations. Discover the future of kitchenware and home appliances with us.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team for customized solutions or PEN and CoPEN products that meet your specific needs.

The LUXYCLEAR PET 702K resin emerges as an outstanding choice to produce crystal-clear and thick-walled cosmetics jars and other cosmetic packaging through injection molding. It seamlessly blends eco-friendliness with exceptional glass-like design and light-weight characteristics to replace glass and PETG.

  • Crystal like clarity
  • For thick-walled containers
  • Lightweight and shatterproof

LUXYCLEAR PET 702K is fully recycling compatible with a 100% contribution as target valuable material in the PET recycling stream for PET trays and other dimensionally stable PET packages*

*confirmed by cyclos-HTP Institute for EU-wide certification, certificate no. 2530-2023-003603

POLYCLEAR® PET is ideal to produce attractive, crystal-clear, high-gloss elements and containers. It combines outstanding performance with the ability to be recycled in the clear PET stream.

POLYCLEAR® Preserve PET is a modified PET resin with a higher glass transition temperature that can provide a higher heat deflection temperature to containers compared to standard PET.

  • Excellent clarity & appearance

Higher glass transition temperature

All POLYCLEAR® products carry the PET-1 resin code and can be recycled in the clear PET stream.

XPURETM offers antimony-free glass like clarity that helps you meet your specification needs as well as complying with stringent regulatory requirements.

  • Antimony free
  • Low melt where indicated
  • High viscosity
  • Crystal clear clarity

XPURE is APR and Plastic Recyclers Europe recognized for recycling in the regular PET recycling chain.