Specialty Polymers
reimagining chemistry, progressing polymers

At Indorama Ventures we develop a range of specialty polymers for customers all around the world.
Our Specialty Polymers offer enhanced performance and functionality as standard across:

Cosmetics and
personal care

Food and

Industry and

Medical and



Kitchen ware and
Home appliances

Our polymers deliver on the most demanding industry standards for compliance in hygiene, health and safety and food preservation while also leading performance for automotive and technical applications where lightweight, heat protection and tensile strength are required.

Selected polymers are available with Halal certification.

When a customized specialty polymer is required we work collaboratively with you, sharing our global expertise to progress polymers to meet your specific business needs, giving you the competitive advantage.

We're reducing environmental impact by using advanced
technology and industry insights to enhance recyclability.

As PET (resin code No. 1) stands out as the most widely recycled polymer globally, we are committed to assisting you in fulfilling your sustainability objectives. Our offering includes specialty PET polymers designed for enhanced recyclability within standard recycling facilities.

Leveraging our profound expertise in progressive polymers, we can guide you in identifying PET specialty polymers that align with compliance standards, presenting a sustainable alternative to more challenging-to-recycle options such as PETG (resin code No. 7) or PP (resin code No. 5).

Please also contact us if you would like to incorporate recycled PET content, whether this is chemical or mechanical recycled.

With our extensive knowledge in progressive polymers we can help you find compliant PET specialty polymers as an alternative to harder to recycle options like PETG (No, 7 resin code) or PP (No. 5 resin code).

We can help you reach your sustainability goals and comply with 2025 and 2030 recyclability rate targets.

Everyday we're shaping smarter solutions with our teams and our customers. So if you have a niche or a specific specialist polymer project that you need support with we're ready to collaborate with you.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.