IVL Speciality Polymers has engineered a diverse portfolio of proprietary product brands, meticulously formulated to deliver bespoke, enhanced performance and functional capabilities across a wide spectrum of applications.

OxyClear® is the solution when ‘glass – clear’, high capacity barrier is required as it provides an excellent oxygen ingress barrier. It offers a shelf life greater than 12 months so is ideal for oxygen sensitive products such as juice, wine and ketchup. It is APR recognized for recycling in the regular PET recycling chain.

OxyClear® Barrier PET is nylon-free and can carry the PET-1 resin code.
It and can be recycled with the clear PET stream

PolyClear® offers clear high-gloss finish with absolute clarity. It is available in EBM formulations for extrusion blow moulding applications.

  • PET for extrusion blow molding
  • Clear high-gloss containers

PolyShield® resin features active oxygen scavenging and passive carbonation barrier when combined with MXD6 and provides outstanding clarity for tinted bottles. And PolyShield® resin-MXD6 blends can be processed on standard PET preform and bottle manufacturing equipment with only minor changes.

PolyShield® Barrier PET can be recycled in the colored PET stream.

LuxyClear offers a luxurious, lightweight finish with crystal clarity, IVL Specialty Polymer solutions has a range of tailored solutions for cosmetic packaging applications, make-up jars, bottles, tubes and closures.

Suitable for

  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion blow molding

XPure® offers antimony-free glass like clarity that helps you meet your specification needs as well as complying with stringent regulatory requirements.