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Working together, Indorama Ventures' Specialty Chemicals business can help you meet your technical and market challenges, using advanced engineering to produce progressive polymers that protect and perform.

Our economical and ecologically sustainable polymers add value to food & beverage, cosmetic & personal care, medical, automotive and technical industries across territories, across polymers and across applications.

Protecting as we perform

Inspired by market insights, Indorama Ventures specialty polymers allow consumers to make smart choices that meet their sustainability ideals. It supports customers meeting new regulations that require increased recyclability and reduced carbon footprint.

As a member of the New Plastics Economy, our focus is on creating a world where plastic never becomes waste.

We aim to recycle 50 Billion plastic bottles a year by 2025

High Quality, Lower Impact

PET: the Sustainable Alternative with the Lowest Carbon Footprint

As PET has the lowest carbon footprint compared to other forms of packaging, it offers an alternative option to other less sustainable polymers while being strong, flexible, lightweight, chemically resistant, safe and shatterproof.


Since 2011 until now, we recycled

80341099374 BOTTLES

At Indorama Ventures Specialty Polymers we recognise polymers for the range of benefits they provide to industry and society through increased shelf life, durability, safety and excellent recyclability.

Our goal is to develop products that add value for our customers whilst maintaining Indorama Ventures core values in sustainability and to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals. (SDGs)

With a view to minimising impact on the environment, we use advanced technology and industry insights to increase the efficiency and recyclability of our product as we work with our customers to offer alternatives, where possible, to products that cannot be recycled.

As we journey together to a more sustainable future that recycles more to impact less, through close collaboration and design innovation we can all reach our sustainable goals.


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