Nonwoven materials have become integral in the hygiene industry, owing to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and impressive performance characteristics. Our PET resin, employed in the production of nonwoven products for hygienic applications like diapers, filters, and masks, stands out as a reliable solution with a proven track record of quality. In sectors where reliability and safety are paramount, our PET resin-based nonwoven materials offer excellent solutions, ensuring optimal performance and meeting the stringent standards of the hygiene industry.

XPURETM offers antimony-free glass like clarity that helps you meet your specification needs as well as complying with stringent regulatory requirements.

  • Antimony free
  • Low melt where indicated
  • High viscosity
  • Crystal clear clarity

XPURETM is APR and Plastic Recyclers Europe recognized for recycling in the regular PET recycling chain.