Aerosol Containers

Aerosol containers crafted from our PET resin offer a compelling alternative to traditional aluminum solutions in personal care and hygienic packaging. These containers are not only safe and pressure-resistant but also boast attributes such as being lightweight and shatterproof. Importantly, their production aligns with sustainability goals as PET is fully recyclable, contributing to a lower carbon footprint*. Choosing PET for aerosol containers thus ensures a harmonious blend of safety, performance, and environmental responsibility.
*Source: Converse & Woodmac/ Euromonitor: Franklin Associates, Clearmetrics Corp: Goldman Sacs Global Investment Research

POLYCLEAR® PET is ideal to produce attractive, crystal-clear, high-gloss aerosol packaging. It combines outstanding performance with the ability to be recycled in the clear PET stream.

  • Excellent clarity & appearance
  • Food grade
  • Available as PET for extrusion blow molding

All POLYCLEAR® products carry the PET-1 resin code and can be recycled in the clear PET stream